Custom action in Header Bar



I am trying to build a custom action in headerbar  of aem editor and i was able to populate it below the "Start workflow" menu. But the question here is where to add the dialog or code for the custom action which looks similar to Start workflow popup.

After research i came to know that "Start Workflow" popup is coming from /libs/cq/gui/components/authoring/workflow which is being refered at /libs/wcm/core/content/editor/jcr:content/content/items/content/content/items/startworkflowmodal.

I tried similar to this for my custom action and i am getting the below error:

org.apache.sling.servlets.get.impl.DefaultGetServlet No renderer for extension html, cannot render resource MergedResource

Any Suggestion on what i am missing and please let me know if this is correct approach. Thanks In advance.






Thanks for the reply. I am looking for customizing AEM Touch ui Editor.

I was able to create the custom action "Audit History" as below in the image. I have made changes at wcm/core/content/editor/jcr:content/content/items/content/header/items/headerbar/items/pageinfopopover/items/list/items

to get the action.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.30.48 AM.png

I am facing issue on getting the popup for my action which is similar to Start Workflow. I came to know that start workflow model is coming from /libs/wcm/core/content/editor/jcr:content/content/items/content/content/items/startworkflowmodal which points to component cq/gui/components/authoring/workflow/startworkflow.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.31.06 AM.png

When I try it similar way by creating node in content and pointing it to custom component. I am getting the below error.

org.apache.sling.servlets.get.impl.DefaultGetServlet : No renderer for extension html, cannot reeder resource Merged Resource.

Please let me know if I am missing anything. Thanks in Advance.