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Curl Command to set property on the Page


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Set the property from the curl command in AEM. You can set the property at a Single page or Multiple pages in less time.Basically curl command is used to update property on multiple pages, publish/unpublished the multiple pages in one go on Dev, UAT, Production and other environment.


I am trying to set the navRoot property as false for single and multiple pages.

1. Set navRoot property for the single page. You can just run below command in command prompt and can check the jcr:content of the below page path , Property will be updated as navRoot=false

      curl -u admin:admin -FnavRoot="false" http://localhost:4502/content/we-retail/us/en/jcr:content

2. Set navRoot property for the multiple pages/More than one page. You can use the && separator for the multiple pages.

     curl -u admin:admin -FnavRoot="true" http://localhost:4502/content/we-retail/us/en/jcr:content && curl -u admin:admin -FnavRoot="true" http://localhost:4502/content/we-retail/us/en/experience/jcr:content/jcr:content


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