Created Custom Audio Component in Asset Share Commons in AEM,everything is working fine except thumbnail images are not coming in audio files.



I have created custom Audio Component in Asset share commons in AEM ,everything is working fine except i am not able to get the thumbnail in audio file(.mp3 and. wav).I have done some R&D then I found that Audio files does not have any rendition except original one.So my requirement is that is there anyway that we can add thumbnail in audio file.

PFB Screenshot of .mp3 node in crx.




see in above picture there is no rendition except original one that's why it is coming as without thumbnail,When I copy any image and paste it here(manually) then thumbnail is appear in audio files.


but i don't want to do it manually this thing,Can you please suggest some way how can I solve this issue.It will be very helpful for me.

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Accepted Solutions (1)






I agree that the manual step of adding it via crx/de is not practical for authors. There is another way to add thumnail via asset console. Follow these steps:

  1. Open audio asset via assets.html
  2. Click on add rendition
    Screenshot from 2020-06-01 16-46-56.png
  3. Select thumbnail image file from system. The name of the file can be anything but keeping it to some predicatble name like "thumbnail.png" would clear its purpose.
  4. Once done, check asset. The image added will be shown as thumbnail of the asset.


Hope it helps!


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Answers (2)




Hi @kkhan_123 

Can you please explain in more details what is you actually want? Are  these audio files are imported through some process and  manually added by author?


Is it like you want to add a thumbnail which is same for every audio file or different thumbnail for each file. Because if audio file is manually added and you want to add different thumnail, someone has to add thumbnail manually.




@kkhan_123 I am not sure if this steps will work correct. This is just my idea. Try it out and let me know. I was refering to OOTB workflows/launchers which somehow might help you . Below is a launcher which will trigger a workflow when a video is uploaded and an original node is created. Below page is self explanatory to a great  extend (Replace your local port number ) http://localhost:4502/mnt/overlay/cq/workflow/admin/console/content/launchers/properties.html?item=%...









Keep this launcher as a reference and try to write a similar launcher for your audio files . Below is the algorithm I might follow


1. Create a workflow process step , which captures a thumbnail for the audio file. (I am not sure of how you are planning to get the thumbnails for audio file. But if you already have the thumbnails in some location, fetch it and upload it via this process or generate it and upload it via this process step) 


2. Once you write the Process , create a workflow model using this Process step, making sure the model will upload a thumbnail for your file. 


3. Create a launcher for the audio file ( refer the above video file launcher settings . Keep only the needful settings) and link the model you created in Step 2 to this launcher


4. Enable the launcher


5. Test your launcher by uploading your audio file. When your original node is created , this launcher should be executed and your process step should run if everything is correct.


6. Add proper logs to check if anything is failing or why is it failing and fix your logic accordingly. 


Hope this gave you little bit of direction. I have not tried this, but let me know if you need more help. Happy to help