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Create Nested MultiField Component in AEM 6.3


Level 7

In this tutorial we will see how to create Touch UI Nested Multifield component using HTL in aem. This tutorial is in continuation with our last tutorial about creating multifiled component in aem. In this tutorials also we will be using ACS common (Adobe consulting services) multifield component that allows developers to create a nested multifield (multifield inside multifield) of a fieldset (group of different fields) .

Sometimes developer get into a situation where they need to use a nested multifield dialog to meet customer requirement. AEM developers require huge effort till aem 6.2 to create a nested multifiled as it has many issue, but with release of aem 6.3 and stable service pack 1. It is now a matter of couple of minutes to create a nested multifiled.

After completing this tutorial, you will have a clear understanding about:-

  • How to Create Nested Touch UI MultiField Component in AEM 6.3 using HTL.
  • How to retrieve values from Nested Touch UI Multifield dialog.

Read more at AEMCQ5Tutorials: Create Touch UI Nested MultiField Dialog in AEM http://www.aemcq5tutorials.com/tutorials/create-touch-ui-nested-multifield-dialog-aem/

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