Create Launch Feature



We have used the create launch feature to change a template.  Question - once the launch is promoted, what is the best way to make edits on the original source page?  Do we need to roll back to the previous version of the page to make the edits - publish that page, then promote the launch again?

Also is there a way that people who havent got access to AEM can see the launch page that we have built in the launches console to sign it off? how can we generate a preview of the launch page - because once the page is promoted its hard to make every day modifications on the original source page.





yes an AEM page template.  Its fine we noticed that we can turn the launch page into a preview link and send it around for review. 




From our trials with 6.0, we don't think the design is promoted and you need to a different tool to update the properties cq:template and jcr:resourceType of the jcr:content nodes below the nt:Page nodes, right Adobe Staff? However, 6.1 has gotten the "Ability to select which template to use when creating a new launch.".

With 6.0 the ACS tool "CVS Resource Type Updater" appears to be designed to replace templates, but "ACS AEM Tools is ONLY for use on development and QA environments.". You will probably need to promote the launch too, if you also changed pages.

To keep your production and development pages in sync, you should select the live-copy feature when you create the launch, I guess.

If you create a new live-copy launch immediately before the promotion of the launch with the new template, you still edit either the original pages or edit the new production version and let the changes be propagated to the original.