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Correct language node format for supporting MSM


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Hi All,


I want to use MSM capability [Blueprint/livecopy, language] of AEM along with Translation for this do I need to have  /content/myside/us/en this kind of node structure or can I support structure like /content/myside/en-us


Is there any documentation around this?

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Hi @shehjadk07 

AEM does not restrict us to follow any specific structure, it is flexible and you can have your own structure created based on your business needs, but you can keep below things in mind while deciding:

1. content structure should be easy to understand and easy to manage multiple languages.

Lets consider country NL & assume it has both en and nl languages, in that case you can have structure something like:


Option 1:




Option 2:




 assume that you have 20-30 countries and each country has English version, then it would be around 40-60 languages in total which we need to mange. So if you follow Option 1, then you can find both languages at one folder level, other wise all languages will be at one folder level.  
so based on complexity you can decide your structure,.


hope this helps you.