Copy a value from an Excel cell into a Numericbox field on a form




I need to be able to copy a value from a cell in Excel into a numeric field on my form, which does not seem to be working. From my initial investigation it looks like the problem arises because copying an Excel cell seems to append a carriage return to the value, which then causes a problem because the Numericbox does not think this is a number. If I create a text box field, and do the same thing, it copies the value without any problems.

Note: I need to be able to click on a cell in Excel, then copy (ctrl-C), then click on the field in my form and paste (ctrl-V). This is a very large numeric balance sheet type form with lots of fields, so it needs to be quick and easy to copy values from individual Excel sheets into the form. Currently, if I select a cell in Excel, then mark the value inside the cell with my mouse, and copy, it does work, but this is not an option for the users as it will take too long. Also, the users completing the form will be external to the main customer, so we don't have control over their Excel settings, or even the version of Excel they are using.

Has anybody come across this before, and have a solution for me?


Rosalie Rothner