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Contextual search for AEM site


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Hello Community


I'm looking for a search solution for AEM site, which should be focused on contextual meaning of a keyword. The OOTB search is based on keywords, which doesn't fit our usecase. The search should be more focused on the context of the keyword and we need to have options to prioritize pages/assets which should return top in the results. Some high level aspects on the solution I'm looking for:

1. Keyword relevance/context

2. Spellchecks, plurals, synonyms

3. Search relevance and recommendation

4. Categorization and filters in results


I couldn't go with solr and elasticsearch as they are keyword based. The other two solutions we considered was coveo and yext which has integrations with AEM. And I do see the community search is powered by coveo https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/custom/page/page-id/GlobalSearch.

What I'm looking towards is some suggestions around this, and to find which one would be a better fit, the pros and cons of having something custom vs third party. 


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Late to the game, but let me know if you want to discuss contextual/personalized search for your site. Disclaimer, I'm with Coveo but not with Sales


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@jezwn , I am too looking for the same thing as you. I see it has been a while this question was asked. Do you have a solution now and can you share it here please ?