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Context-Aware Configurations


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I am doing configuration for my project for the frontend pipeline and I have followed this article - https://www.oshyn.com/blog/context-aware-configurations-aem


Example: in the Config folder we have root folder called my-project, we have created US and INT Sling: Folder Inside that we have created node - sling:configs  > com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.config.HtmlPageItemsConfig -- In this we are creating some thems example we have created two different theme in each country US and INT.


Next I went to /content/jcr:content here the adding sling:configRef --> we are adding in /content/myproject/jcr:content. -->/config/my-project and /config/my-project/us-->  /config/my-project/sling:config/us and /config/my-project/int --> /config/my-project/sling:config/int mapping all config.


now when I open any page under us/en/homepage.html --> all the themes should be loaded in the page --> 4 theme 2 is from US and INT has 2


output: all clientlibs should be loaded on the page.


can anyone help me on this 




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Can you explain a little more about what is the issue you are facing? Any screenshot would be helpful as well. You could also check this video which explains graphically how to use Context-Aware configs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rlpPOxLyW4&ab_channel=ManuelGutierrez


Hope this helps.

Esteban Bustamante


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Hi @EstebanBustamante 


I am creating some folders under config and adding sling:configs inside int i have 3 files called CSS and JS and same way I have doing for US side then I am mapping in the content folder us will be targeted to US one and INT will be a target to INT under /content so here One on One mapping is working.


mapping in /content with sling:configRef property


I want to show all the int and US CSS JS file which is added in the config folder it should load on the any page if I open it int/home.html or us/home.html. 


I have used some properties like sling:configCollectionInherit sling:configPropertyInherit