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Content Fragments - Projects Review Task Annotations


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Hey Community,

In my current project we are building a magazine like website for an aviation company on AEM 6.4 SP1. To enable our customer and their content agency to produce content independent from AEM Pages, we want to use AEM Content Fragments. In order to follow the planned content production workflow, we need to be able to request approval for the content pieces and therefore we decided to go with the AEM Project approval tasks. First of all we tested it with images and there we are able to draw some circles on the asset and we could write a comment.


After we figured out that its working fine with images, we thought "let's try with AEM Content Fragments". The expectation was that we can mark e.g. a paragraph an annotate it with a comment. But then ... we tested it.... instead of showing the content fragment editor or at least the text in a non edit view you can only see the thumbnail, we are getting the annotate feature but the only thing we can do is that we can draw on the thumbnail...


How can we place an actual annotation on the content of the content fragment? Has is there a feature or bugfix package that I can install or has someone implemented that is his own project?

If none of the above exists, what are your recommendations to get such a feature for my project, how would you implement that.

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hey I have the same issue, would like to see some content there or at least the editor option in the top bar... not there. If you found a solution for that, let me know!