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Component is not editable in firefox, IE


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Hi Everyone,

I am working on a project where CMS is AEM but UI is in .NET.

We have developed a component and integrating the component like this in .cshtml

<button class="button radius" type="submit">

                 <buttoncomp contenteditable="true" path="/content/myapp/buttonpage/jcr:content/buttontext">

                                    @MyService.GetButtonText(pageContent, "buttontext", "title")


buttoncomp is a component that we developed in AEM

MyService.GetButtonText -> Gets the button text from the AEM node 'buttonText'

This is working fine and editable when opened in chrome but not in Firefox/IE.

I know it is a peculiar case but just waned to see if anyone has experienced this scenario.

Appriciate anyone help/thougths on this.

Many thanks,


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What do you mean UI is built in .NET? Are you referring to the web site is built with .NET and you are not using AEM to render HTML?

When working with AEM - best practice is to build the entire web site using AEM (and standard Web technologies like HTML, JS, CSS, etc).

I have never heard of mixing AEM and .NET libs to build out a site.


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Yes, the website is built with .NET and .NET gets the content from AEM via custom APIs.


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You mean the .NET app invokes AEM servlets to exchange data.


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We also using the similar way in our case CMS is AEM but UI in PHP.  We able to edit the pages in all the browsers.  You might have checked already just saying please check the console for exceptions.