Compare value and transfer on other page

varuns46785756 28-09-2018

Hi Team,

I have one compare functionality on my page, once user will select the card from main page(maincompare.html), it will open a pop up window with all selected card and once user will click on compare button it will redirect all the selected card value on new page( compare.html).After click on compare button I am able to redirect on next page( compare.html) but not able to fetch the values on next page.Please suggest how can i pass the selected values from to compare.html page.Please check the diagram.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

rajas66269496 29-09-2018

This is more on design question and we can handle this in different ways.

I don't know why are you using different pages. But, when we use different pages. you must follow below things and each approach has it 's own trade offs you need to consider that

On click of the compare button :

Approach 1:

      If you are using simple anchor link to redirect to another page then you must use selectors to pass selected card details. the selectors should form with unique id's, in the compare page read the selectors and dynamically load the respective values in the compare page.

Approach 2 :

If you don't want to pass unique id's through selectors then you need to store all values in HTML5 session storage using JQuery in JSON format or some other format. the sessionStorage is specific to the current session when you close the browser it will automatically expire. in the compare read values from sessionStorage and populate cards.

Approach 3:

Don't know why are we using two pages, but we can handle this in a single page, put two div tags on click of compare button show the compare cards, but it depends on how many cards you have.