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Commons Report - Search Parameter not working


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I use the Reports Tool in /apps/acs-commons/content/reports.html to generate simple custom reports for authors.


In some cases, since we have too many nodes for many different regions/variations, I ask the authors to select a region, and then I use that selection to reduce the search. In this specific example, for an FAQs report, I ask them to select the market and then use that to add an ISDESCENDANTNODE clause.



Up until a couple of months ago, this report was working as expected. Now when I execute it, I get a SUCESS message, but no results



I noticed that if I remove the parameter and enter the path directly in the SQL sentence, I get the results as expected





Has anything changed in the way Search Parameters are referenced in the query itself? Maybe there's a new standard or configuration I need to enable?


Thanks in advance for any help ou can provide!


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Hi @sergio_r ,


Can you try using the triple curly braces for your path? The difference here is that double braces will produce HTML escaped output vs triple braces which will just put raw output as-is.


I have tested below query which works in my case.

SELECT * FROM [nt:base] AS s WHERE [sling:resourceType]='{{resourceType}}' {{#if marketPath}} AND ISDESCENDANTNODE([{{{marketPath}}}]){{/if}}


Even double braces is working fine though for me. Which version of ACS Commons are you using?







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Hi @rampai.  I tried, and unfortunately it did not solve the issue. Now we have an actual error (not just a blank results page).



@sergio_r If you have found out solution yourself, please share it with the community.

Kautuk Sahni