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Column Control not working on iparsys


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I'm currently developing some page components and templates based on the Sightly page component found on wcm/foundation/components/page. 

In one of these page components, I'm using an iparsys (wcm/foundation/components/page).

My problem stems from the fact that if I insert a Column Control - Sightly in this iparsys, none of the child pages inherit the parsys content. It doesn't matter if the components are inside or outside the Column Control, none of them are rendered on child pages.

If Column Control isn't used then the inheritance works as expected. I also couldn't find any errors in the browser console or in the AEM error log. The problem also doesn't happen if I use the iparsys from the JSP implementation (libs/foundation/components/iparsys).

Has anyone ever had this problem? 

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Level 10

This looks like a bug. It should work the same way as the JSP implementation

Please open a day care ticket: