Collect Assets Activity




We would like to track assets activity. Basically on the author instance (only the author) we would like to track the editors activity. The kind of information we would like to collect is:

  • Editor who performed an action.
  • Item that was affected by the action.
  • The type of operation (creation, edition, view, replace, delete, download, publish to twitter, publish to facebook.. )
  • Activity date

That information is going to be exploited by the author instance itself. For example, it could be showed when an editor checks the detailed information of an asset.

Keeping in mind those requirements a naive solution could be to store every action as a new node under the asset, for example:











Although it could work (dont like it much as every read operation implies writing the same node), I'm not sure if that kind of solutions can be considered "AEM  compliant". On the other hand  it would be nice to know if AEM offers a better mechanism to track the asset activity. I'v checked AEM Insights out, but it seems to be oriented to Publish instances an 3rd party web sites. I have also reviewed the Activity Stream but it seems that it has a limited number of actions that can be tracked. For example it is not clear if we can create custom actions (e.g. publish to twitter).