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Cloud Manager - a few thoughts by Krzysztof Ryk


Cloud Manager
So, getting back to our original topic - Cloud Manager. What is that? As per Adobe’s documentation:

“Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a cloud service allowing customers to build, test, and deploy AEM applications (...) Cloud Manager enables customers to manage their custom code deployments on their AEM-managed cloud environments with manageable pipeline automation and complete flexibility for the timing or frequency of their deployment.”

I would summarize its features into the following list:
1. Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery tool (well… to some extent)
2. Automatic, scheduled or manual deployment
3. Dispatcher cache invalidation
4. "Quality Gates": Code Inspection, performance testing and security validation
5. API & CLI access
6. Events/Webhooks
7. Autoscaling features

Apart from deploying AEM applications, Cloud Manager also allows the deployment of custom Apache Web Server and Dispatcher configuration. Whereas some features are by default included in the basic configuration, we are free to customize and extend them, including:

Apache Virtual Hosts, Rewrite Rules, IP whitelisting, dispatcher filters, caching rules, renderers.

Since we can provide only one configuration per all nodes/environments, required customizations can be achieved by adding OS variables on nodes (AMS support required) or using Apache Variables in the configuration.

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Cloud Manager - a few thoughts


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