Clientlibs versioning without using ACS Commons Versioned ClientLibs



Hello All - We want to add version details to the clientlibs like the e.g.: E.g.: /etc/designs/testa/testb/testclientlibs.min.version2.1.0.0.js (appending version details at the suffix).


Currently we are adding the version details and generate the clientlibs based on project release details. We use our existing framework to generate the build details. To achieve this, we had to add the version details in the JSP using custom taglibs. I know that we cannot use the taglibs in the HTL. Is there any way to handle this in HTL without making major changes. We don't want to go with ACS commons versioned clientlibs route. Can someone please help on this?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @viki1101 


In order to add build information to the clientlibs, you can create sling output pipeline that is implementing a transformer facyory. In your transformar factory, you can tranform links in script/style tags. This solution will be independent of JSP/HTL.


In order to read more about transformers, Read:
1. Sling oficial documentation:

2. Example blog:

3. Git code example:


If you do not want many changes to be done, why don't you keep jsp logic as it is and include jsp file using data-sly-include in HTL.


<section data-sly-include="path/to/template.jsp"></section>


Hope it helps!



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