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Client-Side Libraries Preprocessor Configuration


Level 1

The documentation for Using Client-Side Libraries has a section regarding using and configuring pre-processors when using clientLibs. The format being:

config:= mode ":" processorName options*;

mode:= "default" | "min";

processorName := "none" | <name>;

options := ";" option;

option := name "=" value;

Do these configuration options provide an option to NOT apply any and all pre-processing to either JS or CSS files for a given a clientlibs node? Would that be something along the lines of:

cssProcessor: ["default:none", "min:none"]

jsProcessor: ["default:none", "min:none"]

Is it possible disable all pre-processing including minification, obfuscation, and similar using these options specified in the documentation? What would the string array value look like?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Level 10

I am not aware of any options like this - nor is it documented. I have never seen this and doubt this is supported.


Level 1

Regarding the documentation, what does the following line exactly do?

cssProcessor: ["default:none", "min:yui"]

"min:yui" definitely makes sense. Its indicating that CSS should be minified with the YUI Compressor, but what does "default:none" do? If only "default:none" is there, will no minification occur for CSS? Or does it mean that AEM performs some sort of pre-processing before any processors such as YUI execute actions? The documentation on these configuration options aren't very clear, what syntax are these configuration options from the documentation in even?