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CIF graphql query in author mode both local and cloud fails with 502 gateway error, in publish works


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we are using CIF to call remote Magento/Adobe commerce graphql endpoint.
Normal queries are always fine.
A big query with lot of get parameters fails only in author mode either local or in cloud.

The error  we get on brower to http://localhost:4502/api/graphql?query=query+getProductCatalog.................. (huge number of filters here)
is 502 gateway timeout.
The same request is logged with 200 success on author request and access log.

The same query is working on publish where it's done directly from react to Magento endpoint.
(or if we manually execute the query directly on magento endpoint either with postman or any graphql client)
Response time for the query is not high  (much less than a second)

Any idea of what parameters we could tune to overcome the error in author where request is proxied by AEM.
We tried increasing jetty request buffer size or header buffer size with no luck.



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@AndreaB69 hey Andrea, did you tried to use AEM endpoint to try in postman instead of Magento endpoint? 


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as an update POST request do work,
so it looks like a GET limitation.
are you aware of a stricter GET request lenght limit when passing through AEM?

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