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Cancel individual property inheritance of a Live Copy component in 5.6.1.version


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Hi All

i was wondering whether we have full proof solution to enabling cancellation of individual property of a live copy component.

Adding "fieldEditLockMode" property with value "true" works for xtype = dailog but when we have xtype as tabpanel it will work . 

i tried setting "fieldEditLockMode=true"  for xtype=tabpanel and it is not working.

attached is the screenshot of dailog.

any thoughts.

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Hi Shakeeba,

    We can do the configuration to cancel the live copy on individual property by using this config file 

     com.day.cq.wcm.msm.impl.actions.ContentUpdateActionFactory.config  in this config file do we have a option like 

cq.wcm.msm.action.excludedprops=["cq:lastReplicated","cq:lastReplicatedBy","cq:lastReplicationAction","sling:.*"] . we are using this option to cancel the individual property. 




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thanks for the quick reply.

but com.day.cq.wcm.msm.impl.actions.ContentUpdateActionFactory.config  works for pageProperties not a component level property.

Excluded Page Propertiescq.wcm.msm.action.excludedprops

any input?