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Can we achieve interacting with component in AEM touch ui edit mode?


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We have a vertical tab component. Which have persys specific to each tab and each tab specific persys opens with some interaction with the component. Which was achievable with classic ui. In touch ui it is creating a overlay over the component which is making the component un-intractable. So there is no way to move to the specific tab and do authoring.

Here I have attached three images. One for touch ui view, where you can see we have no option to click on tab 5 to author its content in its specific parsys.

As we are able to do in classic ui as per other two images. Please let us know if we can configure anything similar behaviour in touch ui.

Pic #1,  Touch UI mode :


Pic #2,  Classic UI mode with tab one selected :


Pic #3,  Classic UI mode with tab 5 selected:


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From the look of Pic #1, it looks like you have the "Vertical Modular Tab" component being rendered out as not configured. It is writing out the data-emptyText out. Check that to make sure


Level 1

Here the "Vertical Modular Tab" component have authoring configurations, so it is writing that data-emptyText out. Is there any way to achieve that to hide for an authorable component in edit mode or show it in top as in classic ui?