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Can the DispatcherLog directive be specified in an apache VirtualHost config?


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I know that DispatcherConfig can be specified in a vhost within httpd.conf, either directly or to override one set at the root httpd.conf level but is setting DispatcherLog in a vhost supported to log vhost specific activity to a separate log file? If I only set DispatcherLog within a virtual host then no logging happens and the dispatcher log file isn't even created. It only seems to create a log file if DispatcherLog is set in the root level of httpd.conf.

E.g if the below is placed in a virtualhost config the dispatcher.log will not be created (dispatcher.any will be processed ok) but if it is placed in the root of httpd.conf dispatcher.log will be created and log at level 3.

<IfModule disp_apache2.c>
        DispatcherConfig ${instance_location}/vhosts.d/subsite.com/dispatcher/${instance_name}/${HOSTNAME}/dispatcher.any
        DispatcherLog    ${apache_logs}/subsitecom/dispatcher.log
        DispatcherLogLevel 3


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I don't think so (although I never tried); this setting is a global one referring to the single dispatcher instance running within an Apache httpd process. It's unlikely that this is aware of Apache virtual hosts.



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Thanks Jörg.

So as the Adobe docs for dispatcher installation only mention that the DispatcherConfig directive can be overridden inside an Apache virtualhost config is it reasonable to assume that all the other parameters can only apply globally to the dispatcher module?

Bob H.