Can't see any reference page list update in metadataeditor.external.html page





I found I can see the old reference page list but can't see any new's in metadataeditor.external.html.


Do you have any suggestions that how do I troubleshoot problems?


1. It doesn't seems ReferenceSearch.class issue, cause I can see the old reference page list.

2. It also doesn't seems to be a path permission issue.

3. Didn't change any code for this feature.

截屏2020-04-26 上午10.20.53.png

Following attachments is for another asset. The usage was updated but the reference page list is empty.

截屏2020-04-26 上午11.10.27.png截屏2020-04-26 上午11.04.32.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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