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CampaignProxy Documentation


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I have been looking for documentation on how to use the CampaignProxy Interface in AEM to connect to Adobe Campaign.

CampaignProxy ("The Adobe AEM Quickstart and Web Application.")

I saw an interface from the same package used in a workflow to publish content to AC, but I haven't found more doc on the subject.

com.adobe.cq.mcm.campaign.NewsletterManager is used in /etc/workflow/scripts/campaign/approve.ecma


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Not all API reference documentation has a corresponding task-based article.

What exactly do you want to do?


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I've been ask to initiate an email proof send (out of Adobe Campaign) via AEM.

I thought I would create a workflow for doing that, and I found out there is a web service from Adobe Campaign that I can use for that task:

Web service calls

I have been looking ways to call those functions from AEM, and I thought the CampaignProxy would help me to do such a thing.

Any feedback is very much appreciated!


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I'm trying to use the method from an AEM workflow, like this:

var cpPx = sling.getService(Packages.com.adobe.cq.mcm.campaign.CampaignProxy);

cpPx.get("nms:delivery#Submit", map, credentials, response);

I get errors, so I think I might need help with the syntax please of the remoteFunction (The remote function (including AC namespace + extension))

I'm adding here different ways I've test it and the error messages I'm getting back.



Wrapped java.lang.IllegalStateException: unsupported protocol: 'nms'


UnknownHostException: myhost.path.comnmsDelivery


Wrapped java.lang.IllegalStateException: unsupported protocol: 'nmsdelivery'


Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid uri 'urn:nms:delivery#SubmitDelivery': escaped relative path not valid


Invalid uri 'xtk:jobInterface|nms:delivery#Submit': incorrect path

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!