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call to stores.init.js gives a 404


Level 3


I am using AEM 6.1 SP2

We have include the client Context in our app/projects folder and referencing ours rather than the default etc one. Here we have removed the geolocation as we dont need it. But we get a 404 error for stores.init.js in our browser console. Could you guys please let me know what might be the issue.




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Level 10

Do you get a 404 for the default one? 


Level 3
        No we have just overlayed it. But we have changed anything apart from we have removed the geolocation store.


Community Advisor

Do you get 404 when you access your publisher directly over IP and not through dispatcher?

Dispatcher could be one place where the call is getting blocked.

Also check request.log in AEM to see if your server is even getting the request or not. If server is getting the request, then it could be permissions issues and error.log can help you figure out that part.

- Runal