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Caching rule for contexthub js


Level 5

The below url is fine in publish but how do we cache this in dispatcher as there is no extension at end:


Shall we ignore this for caching ?

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Level 10

ContextHub is a tool on author - no reason to cache this.


Level 5

Is it? what's the use of it having in author. We want to use it as data layer to integrate in launch so it should be available in publish as well dispatcher so that we can use that data ?


Level 2

HI @susheel ,

This is legacy kernel JS ( /etc/cloudsettings.kernel.js/libs/settings/cloudsettings/legacy/contexthub) which is pointing to /apps/settings/cloudsettings/legacy/contexthub.kernel.js.


So better you can add rewrite rule in Dispatcher vhosts.d for above one along with whitelisting allow for /apps folder in dispatcher.d file to cache this file on Dispatcher side.