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Automatic heap Dump in Memeory Console AEM 5.6.1


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If i recall correctly heap dump was dumping JVM heap dump based on time interval and threshold in CQ 5.5 but 5.6.1 does not seems to behave correctly or may be it's dust on my mind :).

Any thought how to get automatic heap dump working..... not sure interval is in millisecond?  Thrash hold value never get persisted in text field. Does automatic really works? manual heap dump clicking on button make sense and it works.

Thanks Chandra

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Use jmap at your interval. Though I am not clear what you are exactly looking.

To get heap dump on out of memory you can configure [2].  If you are looking for gc runtime configure [1].  Refer [1] how to manually generate heapdump.

[0]  http://helpx.adobe.com/crx/kb/AnalyzeMemoryProblems.html






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Sham, Thanks for sharing details By the way whole lot of JAVA utility helps to take heapdump and by writing script we can do interval based heap dump process   but I am interested taking heap dump automatically  using /system/consolde/memeoryusage console/interface out of box provided in CQ 5.6.1..

When system is about to reach on peak or about to go for OutofMemery or something, that interface should allow me take headlamp based on thrash hold  and time interval.

Let us say i want to set.. Threshold=80%  and Interval=15 minutes.


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It should work from console. check this and let us know if it helps,