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Auto-Align assets to Facets on Ingestion


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Disclaimer: while I am experienced in using other DAM solutions, I am very new to AEM and while I am going through all the training modules, I realise that my terminology is based on other solutions (which I hope will translate!):

Question: I want to automate the alignment of assets to Custom Facets that we will set up, on previous systems I have been able to do this by ingesting a csv that auto-aligns the asset based on the filename and the LOWEST child of the facet. So to give a made up example, if the batch of assets I want to upload are all brown puppies and my  facet structure looks as follows:









I would use an ingest sheet that looked something like this:


brownpup1.jpg     Puppy                    Brown

brownpup2.jpg     Puppy                    Brown

brownpup3.jpg     Puppy                    Brown

Is what I am describing possible? and if so, could someone direct me to where I can read how to do this and or if you need further information from me.

Thanks in advance everyone!


Perhaps another/better way of wording this would be: how do I convert IPTC keywords to AEM Tags so that they appear under those taxonomies/facets upon upload?


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