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On AEM6.4 when the user looses the data that he has selected say on a drop down when he again comes backs and does a duplicate tab.

On the duplicate tab the default values are selected instead of the values that he had already selected on the main tab.

even on the main tab after some time when he selects any other menu the values that he selected say region gets reverted to default values.

I have updated as 60 minutes on the Jetty based http service.but that does have impact.Please can you advise if there are any other configurations that need to be updated.

Thanks in Advance.


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In my opinion the problem lies in the fact, that you never store the selected options somewhere, neither in a cookie nor in a server-side session. And my personal preference would be definitely the client-side cookie; the server-side session causes additional overhead (and also precautions), I would not introduce it just for this.




So is this (market drop down )- that you stated is part of the application - on an AEM web site?  TO make it clearer - please post a screenshot of this drop-down.



Thanks a lot for taking up this quickly.

The drop down is the market drop down that is part of the application.The user selects the market and select other menus on the page.

He duplicates browser tab and creates another page.

so during this operation intermittently the market that he selected changes to default value.

The same code on 6.1 worked fine and we did not face the issue.Please can you advise if any configuration changes need to be done.