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Yes, this is a know issue.

We had to fix it by ourself by overrideing the file /apps/wcm/msm/components/touch-ui/livecopies/livecopies.jsp


There is some code missing in jsp. you can compare 6.5.15 and 6.5.16

it is something like below but make sure you do a text compare

Boolean isPartiallyCancelled = lrStatus.getAdvancedStatus().get(MSMNameConstants.PARAM_IS_TARGET_CANCELLED_CHILD);
                if (isCancelled == null) {
                    isCancelled = Boolean.FALSE;
                if (isPartiallyCancelled == null) {
                    isPartiallyCancelled = Boolean.FALSE;


Arun Patidar


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Use SlingMocks and create different versions of the resource, which you then can feed into this getData method.

Check it out: https://cqdump.joerghoh.de/2019/01/17/writing-unittests-for-aem-part-3-mocking-resources/