AEM Users and Group Migration Issue




Hi Team,

Goal: To migrate only the custom users and group from source aem instance to destination and i'm following this document for users and group migration.



I found that all the oob users(except anonymous and admin) are stored under /home/users/system. We can easily create content package for custom users excluding the oob users,sample content project users(eq we-retail for dev environment) , anonymous and admin users and create package from ACS tool which can migrate the permissions as mentioned in document.


But for group migration, I'm not able to find any concrete approach how we can find out the custom groups which can be added or groups that needs to be excluded as both oob and custom group locations seems to be same.

Can anyone suggest anything that can help?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





All the OOTB groups are created when the AEM is installed i.e. all the OOTB groups will have the same created date.

You can run a query to identify all the groups(custom) created after the installation date.

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