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AEM Timewarp Timeline Feature


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I was using the timewarp Show Timeline functionality in AEM classic UI,  Sidekick > Versioning> timewarp > Show Timeline

I noticed that timeline does not show all the available page versions in timeline window. Only a select few versions were showing. I did not find much of documentation about how it is determined by system as to what version will be visible in timeline if not all.

I also noted that  "Show Timeline" feature is not present in Touch UI as it only provides calendar to select date.

Can someone please help me get answers for below questions:

1- Should timewarp timeline show all page versions if not what is the criteria for version to be shown in timeline window?

2- is Show Timeline feature not available in Touch UI?



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For those reading this thread - see here:

Timewarp is available in 6.4 Touch UI:



You can select set the target date and the page is displayed based on this date.