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AEM Tidbits : Flavors of AEM On premise Vs AMS Vs AEMaaCS


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In this article, I tried to cover the different flavors of AEM licenses available for users as per the recent updates happened. Sometimes often people get confused between the terms Cloud manager, AEM managed services, and cloud service and how they are related.

We will cover the below things in this article,

  • On premise AEM setup
  • Adobe Managed Services (AMS)
  • AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMAACS)
  • Adobe Cloud Manager for AMS & AEMAACS

On Premise AEM deployment license

AEM deployed and managed in your corporate environment

Adobe Reference Link:



Adobe Managed Services license

Adobe Managed Services, or AMS, is a Cloud-based management service bringing Adobe Experience Cloud products (including Analytics, Campaign, Target and Experience Manager) closer to Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions. It provides benefits of experience delivery solution in the cloud while retaining all the control, security and customization benefits of an on-premise deployment.It enables customers to launch faster by deploying on the cloud and also by leaning on the best practices and support from Adobe.

  • AEM Sites Managed Services Basic
  • AEM Sites Managed Services Enterprise

 Also available for Assets and Forms 

Adobe Reference Link:



Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service license

Cloud native solutions for Experience Management. AEMaaCS enables the customers to move away from versioned releases to version-less, continuously improving software as a service. AEMaaCS License is based on usage and takes care of scaling the infrastructure vertically and horizontally when needed. Adobe handles the maintenance of your AEM instances and there is automation of tasks like data storage, garbage collection, version purges, and compaction. 

Adobe Reference Link:



Adobe Cloud Manager

The Adobe Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a cloud service allowing customers to build, test, and deploy AEM applications hosted by Adobe Managed Services. It enables organizations to self-manage Adobe Experience Manager environments in the cloud - both AMS - Adobe Managed Services and AEMAACS - Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Service. It includes a state-of-the-art continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline that lets IT teams and implementation partners speed the delivery of customizations or updates without compromising performance or security. 


Capabilities of Adobe Cloud Manager 

* Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery of code to reduce time to market from months/weeks to days/hours.

* Code Inspection, performance testing and security validation based on best practices before pushing to production to minimize production disruptions.

* Automatic, scheduled or manual deployment even outside of business hours for maximum flexibility and control.

* Autoscaling feature intelligently detects the need for increased capacity and automatically brings online additional Dispatcher/Publish segment(s).

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Informative article. I have this confusion for sometime. it helped me to understand few things. can you please help me to clarify on below things?


On premise AEM setup - This is clear for me. traditional way of aem setup

AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMAACS) - This is also clear for me. Everything is managed in adobe cloud. AEM and cloud manager are hosted in in adobe cloud.

Adobe Managed Services (AMS) - Sorry, this is not clear for me. Is it something adobe host aem in adobe cloud ? or Can we setup in other cloud, example, aws and use adobe cloud manager to just deploy the code ? My understating here is, AEM can be installed in cloud service (aws, azure) and use AMS for code deployment. please clarify

Adobe Cloud Manager for AMS - Is this same as above Adobe Managed Services (AMS)


Level 2

AMS is setup by Adobe on its own leased AWS platform. It can also be hosted on Microsoft Azure as well. Cloud Manager is the only element common between AMS and AEMaaCS for code deployments. Usually, we bypass cloud manager in AMS environment but you cannot in AEMaaCS. Ideally, I would recommend enabling cloud manager in AMS as a check point to validate your code quality before you plan to migrate to AEMaaCS.


AEMaaCS is majorly hosted on Microsoft Azure and Adobe is coming up with AWS option in the geos.

For all EMEA clients, we do have a Azure datacenter in Netherlands only though some more are coming up. No Azure datacenters in China, by the way. All Adobe experience cloud solutions are hosted in Microsoft Azure as Adobe has entered into partnership with Microsoft couple of years back.


Hope, it clarifies.