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AEM Support Topics


Level 1

Hi All,

Can someone let me know on AEM Support related Topics what all important Topics one must know before starting Support role on AEM.

I have to coordinate with the trainer regarding the AEM Support Topics,if someone can respond on this it will be very helpfull



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Also checking with Adobe AEM support team to contribute here.


Kautuk Sahni


Level 1


You need to cover the following topics

Technical Foundation Skills

Getting Started / Overview of AEM

Working with Marketing Cloud Solutions


Advanced Authoring


Underlying Technologies

Technical Infrastructure Overview

Platform: Underlying Technologies

Front-end Development

Deconstructing the Creative Design

Creating Templates

Developer Tools

HTML Template Language

Creating Components

Client Libraries

Page Design

Content Fragments

Experience Fragments

Debugging & Testing

Back-end Development


Using Packages and Custom Run Modes

Back-end Coding Practices

Back-end Advanced Features

Platform: Foundations for Dev

Optimizing Performance and Sizing

Using Security

Platform: Using Dispatcher

Platform: Integrating with LDAP and Enabling Single Sign-on

Platform: Authentication

AEM 6.3: Content Services


Varun Ahuja

Adobe AEM Support Manager



Apart from above get yourself familiar with the know-how of authoring concepts, Performing the maintenance task. Deployment and configuration of the runmodes , dispatcher.

Check given link to start with the deployment of AEM -  Deploying and Maintaining

Application server and custom install, knowledge of run modes.

Dispatcher - Installing Dispatcher

Knowledge of replication Replication

AEM maintenance knowledge(performing maintenance operations ) - AEM 6.x Maintenance Guide

Repository configuration eg: OAK, Mongo