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Hi Team,


We have developed an AEM SPA  Angular application and it is in production.

* The application is Authentication based, If the user login only then only the user can access the application.

* We are using a JWT token-based authentication mechanism from the backend API team. 

* Application has 20 different types of user roles(20 types of users admin, broker, retailer etc..)

* More than 1000 users are already present and using the application, These users are stored and managed from the LDAP.



Angular: 9.0

Now we are planning to integrate with OKTA for Authentication.

Please can anyone suggest what are all the steps to be taken care of? Any routing changes need to be handled because it's a single-page application after OKTA integration.


The below link is provided for SPA angular changes.



I want suggestions for the OKTA Integration for the AEM-SPA Angular application.

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Thank you for the reply.


I am looking for AEM-SPA application OKTA Integration i.e replace of Application Login page with the OKTA Login widget, not AEM author SAML OKTA (SSO)Integration.