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AEM Sling Models Injectors Service Ranking by Sourcedcode


When working on an AEM project, Sling Models provides several custom Sling Models injectors to aid injection of Sling objects, Sling object values, OSGI services, etc…

While using the injectors within in Sling Models, how do injectors invoke in order? Injectors are invoked in order, of their service ranking, from lowest to highest. If you are writing a custom injector, it is good practice to include service ranking.

Examples of the common injectors and their service ranking from the Apache Sling Models availiable injectors, injector-specific annotations, list (since version 1.1.0):

@ScriptVariable, 1000
@ValueMapValue, 2000
@ChildResource, 3000
@RequestAttribute, 4000
@ResourcePath, 2500
@OSGiService, 5000
@Self, 2147483647 (Integer.MAX_VALUE)
@SlingObject, 2147483647 (Integer.MAX_VALUE)

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AEM Sling Models Injectors Service Ranking


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