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AEM Sites - Publishing localised version simultaneously


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I'm using AEM 6.4

When I publish en version of the site page, I want to publish corresponding localised version of the page e.g. de, fr, es, etc which has already been translated correctly.

The trivial process is to manually navigate to each page and then publish them individually (undesired).

Other way is to use Manage Publication wizard to bulk publish. I can add individual localised pages via Add Content action bar item and then bulk publish them with the help of publication wizard.

Q: Is there a way to automatic pre-fill available localised page in the scope tab of publication wizard so that there is no need to select individual pages via path picker dialog?

Screenshot from 2019-01-08 14-57-16.png

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There is no OOTB functionality, either you need to do customization or you can use MSM Rollout configs. We are doing customization for some other similar requirement.


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Do you have info on which files should be overlay-ed for this behaviour? Otherwise, I'll will check it on my own.


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you can leverage of replication event and based on that other pages can be replicated using API.

Sample Replication listener -


Arun Patidar


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I understand that workflows can be created to trigger publish for other pages. But, we also need to inform the user regarding which pages will be published before actually publishing them and I'm unsure how that can be handled via the aforementioned ReplicationListener.
IIUC, also the listener wouldn't give the user flexibility to deselect which pages he/she doesn't want to publish.