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[aem-site-theme-builder] Something went wrong. Proxy error:


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I've downloaded frontend theme sources generated by AEM for sites built with the adobe/aem-site-template-standard and adobe/aem-project-archetype.


After installing dependencies and trying to run Sites30 Proxy with 'npm run live' I get a new browser window with just:


[aem-site-theme-builder] Something went wrong. Proxy error:


On URL http://localhost:7002/content/wknd-spa-react-test.html?wcmmode=disabled


I'm getting a 500 error in Chrome dev tools for the URL.


Could this be a networking issue related to not being able to deploy snapshots to a local instance with the Maven build on port 4502? See https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-experience-manager/error-failed-to-execute-go...

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Please follow below steps line by line and try to check if none of the step got missed as it is lovely straight forward feature provided by Adobe



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Hi @Imran__Khan , thanks for this.


But I've used this feature quite a few times and I think there might be a specific problem, or edge-case, with my setup which I can't debug without more insight.


I've got a fresh AEM install and generated a fresh React project with Adobe's latest Archetype 47 library, so all the code is Adobe's.


In your blog port 3) is what SHOULD happen when I run "npm run live", but instead of the AEM login page I get a 500 error and:


"[aem-site-theme-builder] Something went wrong. Proxy error:"


So the proxy server isn't responding.