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AEM SEO Best Practice by Aemblogs


The best SEO practices are

Short URL – URL shortening
Page names should hyphen as separators, avoid camel case, spaces and underscore in page name. Note: Usually when you enter page title in AEM. Spaces will be automatically replaced by hyphen. Just remember not to change it from crxde.
In case of selectors in URL. Kindly use a human readable format.
AEM Sitemap generator
URL Shortening deep dive
SEO states that http://localhost:4502/magazine.html should be preferred over http://localhost:4502/content/wknd/us/en/magazine.html

This can be done in AEM by a configuration called Apache Sling Resource Resolver Factory (pid:org.apache.sling.jcr.resource.internal.JcrResourceResolverFactoryImpl).

url mapping
Resource Resolver Factory – url mapping
After adding thing configuration your AEM will take time to process the changes. Even crxde will not load. Don’t panic let it resolve and once AEM is up hover over url in navigation. You will find short urls in the link. If you are new to this topic you will be amazed at start and later figure out a headache. If you did feel same dont panic you are in right tract.

This is a interesting topic on its own with dispatcher mod_rewrite rules and in java 1. resoureResolver.map(String resourcePath) – Outgoing url (Short ones)

2. resoureResolver.resolve(String shorturl) – resolves to the resource. You can get long path from its resource.

Robots.txt – Implementation
Remember that while setting up Robots.txt, Keep in mind the environment where the robots.txt are place.

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AEM SEO Best Practice


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