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AEM - Run Modes by Adobe


Run modes allow you to tune your AEM instance for a specific purpose; for example author or publish, test, development, intranet or others.

You can:
1. Define collections of configuration parameters for each run mode .
A basic set of configuration parameters is applied for all run modes, you can then tune additional sets to the purpose of your specific environment. These are applied as required.
2 Define additional bundles to be installed for a particular mode .

All settings and definitions are stored in the one repository and activated by setting the Run Mode .

Installation Run Modes
Installation (or fixed) run modes are used at installation time and then fixed for the entire lifetime of the instance, they cannot be changed.
Installation run modes are provided out-of-the-box:
1. author
2. publish
3. samplecontent
4. nosamplecontent

These are two pairs of mutually exclusive run modes; for example, you can:
1. define either author or publish , not both at the same time
2. combine author with either samplecontent or nosamplecontent (but not both)

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AEM - Run Modes


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