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AEM Rollout Web Console: CQ MSM Update config for managing jcr:mixinTypes


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I am trying to change the default MSM rollout configuration to allow the jcr:mixinTypes property to be updated via rollout but only for certain mixinTypes.

EXAMPLE:  tfs:brand

tfs:brand is a mixinType we created that marks a page as a Brand page and is therefore indexed by our search system.  Our site is international and there have been instances where entire Brand sections have been rolled out before this mixinType was set.  I want to update the blueprint/live copy parent page with this mixin and then roll it out so it adds this to the jcr:mixinTypes multi-value list.  

OOTB, the jcr: property type is protected and cannot be updated by rollout which makes sense.  In QA i have tried to adjust the exclusion settings within the Web Console - CQ MSM Content Update Action section (see attached).

What ends up happening:

the jcr:mixinTypes value on the child live copies ends up getting replaced by what is set on the parent which is not what I wanted.  Important fields can be blown away like cq:LiveRelationship.

Question:  How can i set it so only a particular mixin type can be updated within a child live copy jcr:mixinTypes list.

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here is a screenshot of CQ MSM Content Update Action settings


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Hi george,

You need to Exclude also in rolloutconfiguration. Something like /etc/msm/rolloutconfigs/<configName>/jcr:content/contentUpdate



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I am confused.  I thought this is what I did (and tried to show with the attachment above) - I tried to configure the rollout exclusions as per documentation.  

I just want to restate that I am trying to allow on certain jcr:mixinTypes from being passed through MSM rollout and not overwriting what is on the live copy but rather just adding in the identified mixins if they are not there.

wrt to your kind response, can you please be a little more specific?  I appreciate the help but I am confused as I do not see any documentation stating that I set exclusions specifically within CRXDE Lite at this location:  4502/crx/de/index.jsp#/etc/msm/rolloutconfigs/key-page-properties-rollout/jcr%3Acontent

Here is what the Adobe documentation says on the matter of excluding page properties from a rollout config:  

"You can configure several OSGi services that support corresponding synchronization actions so that they do not affect specific node types and properties. For example, many properties and subnodes related to the internal functioning of AEM should not be included in a live copy. Only the content that is relevent to the user of the page should be copied.

Use the Web Console or a repository node to configure the OSGi services. The following table lists the synchronization actions for which you can specify the nodes to exclude. The table provides the names of the services to configure using the Web Console and the PID for configuring using a repository node.

Tip: If you are using the Web Console, to locate the services on the Configuration page search the page for MSM.

he following table describes the properties that you can configure:

Web Console property / OSGi propertyDescription

Excluded Nodetypes


A regular expression that matches the node types to be excluded from the synchronization action.

Excluded Paragraph Items


A regular expression that matches the paragraph items to be excluded from the synchronization action.

Excluded Page Properties


A regular expression that matches the page properties to be excluded from the synchronization action.

Ignored Mixin NodeTypes


Availalbe only for CQ MSM Content Update Action. A regular expression that matches the names of mixin node types to be excluded from the synchronization action.