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Aem Reverse Replication


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I am trying to configure Reverse Replication on my local instance.

How do I set content in the publisher so that my author can poll the same.

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You can also go through below document -


See section : "Replicating from Publish to Author" and "Configuring Reverse Replication"




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I have done a POC on reverse replicating a DAM asset uploaded in publish to author.

1. Create a folder under DAM in publish instance, also create the same folder name in author instance as well.

2. Create a Launcher in publish instance, mention the Even Type as Created, Nodetype as dam:Asset , Path as path of the folder created in DAM. Also choose the workflow as Reverse Replication, Runmode as Publish.

3. Try uploading the asset in the folder in publish instance,when you open the author instance, you will be seeing the asset in the folder created in DAM in author

A simple example of reverse replication, hope it helps.

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Reverse Replication is not supported by AEM 6.4 and above.

I think you should look for ASRP , MSRP , JSRP that are the alternatives.If you have any user generated content.


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"Reverse Replication is not supported by AEM 6.4 and above."
Is this a fact?



No that guy has no idea what he is taking about.

Reverse replication is very simple to set up and conceptually works like this:

1) The Author is configured to poll the Publish instances Outbox queue every X period of time (default 30 seconds)

This is done by configuring the Reverse Replication agent on the Author


2) The Publish instances are configured to queue events to the Outbox queue.

How do things get in the Outbox? Well generally you configure a workflow Launcher that triggers on a specific path in the repository for a specific event. The Launcher runs the Reverse Replication workflow model which puts stuff in the Outbox.



Hope that helps


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Sorry, I was dealing with some other things and we switched of reverse replication in our project and storing the user generated data on ms dynamics.

Apologizes for inappropriate response.