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Replication agents are central to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as the mechanism used to:
-->Publish (activate) content from an author to a publish environment.
-->Explicitly flush content from the Dispatcher cache.
-->Return user input (for example, form input) from the publish environment to the author environment (under control of the author environment).

Replicating from Author to Publish
Replication, to a publish instance or dispatcher, takes place in several steps:
-->the author requests that certain content be published (activated); this can be initiated by a manual request, or by automatic triggers which have been preconfigured.
-->the request is passed to the appropriate default replication agent; an environment can have several default agents which will always be selected for such actions.
-->the replication agent "packages" the content and places it in the replication queue.
-->in the Websites tab the colored status indicator is set for the individual pages.
-->the content is lifted from the queue and transported to the publish environment using the configured protocol; usually this is HTTP.
-->a servlet in the publish environment receives the request and publishes the received content; the default servlet is https://localhost:4503/bin/receive .
-->multiple author and publish environments can be configured.

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AEM Replication


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