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AEM Publishing Issue


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Has anyone had the following issue with regard to AEM:

When we make changes to a page and try to publish it, there is a delay in when those changes appear on the live site. It usually takes somewhere around 12 hours.

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@bamamh1 ,

Couple of questions listed :

  • Is the replication queue empty and working fine?
  • Is there any browser level caching ?
  • Is the dispatcher cache cleared ?
  • Have you setup flush agent to flush cache on replication ?





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Hi @bamamh1 ,

Please check if your changes appears on publisher instances first.

  1. If NO, check your all configured replication agent's queue and see if any error as @milind_bachani suggested.
  2. If YES, try to manually clear dispatcher/browser cache and/or CDN cache, just to confirm. Otherwise, dispatcher flush agent is responsible for the same.

Hope that helps!




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If you configure dispatcher flush agent, dispatcher cache should be cleared on page activation. Are there any ttl set at dispatcher level for your prod environment? 


Also, on top of dispatcher do you have any cdn like akamai/cloudfront etc, if so it might have 12 hour ttl.


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Check with DevOps team ( one who manages the dispatcher ) about the dispatcher cache flush cron job/timings in case you are seeing the changes on publish instance.

 You can check the max-age of the page in the page request in the network tab for further information.


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Which AEM version are you using ?

Do you see changes on publish instance and just not seeing changes on domain . If yes , it might be CDN issue. If you don't see on publish instance and replication queue is clear and status shows published / nothing pending - it may be issue with the dispatcher caching rules. In aem cloud , you need to ensure all your queues are clear.


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As suggested by others, first check if you are able to see the changes via the IP address on the publish instance.

If yes, the problem is at the CDN end. In that case, you need to check the TTL and other Cache parameters you might have set in the header.


In the other case, if the changes are not getting reflected at the publisher instance, then we need to check the replication queue, if there is anything blocked or not.