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Hi There,

I am new to AEM and am currently in the process if getting acquainted with the sandbox that was set up yesterday. I do have prior experience of creating forms, landing pages and emails in other automation tools like Marketo, but its my first experience with Adobe. Wanted to see if there are any learning paths or any training\learning material available to get started. Would appreciate any help here.

Best Always,

Karan Hari

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As arun suggested you can start with some tutorials like WKND . In addition, You can signup for SPP    If your organization is a solution partner, then you can get access to the training materials. Also to start with there are few learning courses in  Pluralsight which might help you . Once you start getting a hang of development , there will be a lot of blogs and videos out in www which we help to get upto speed. And then there is always this forum where you can expect help in all regards irrespective of whether you are new or experienced in AEM.

Welcome to AEM and Happy codiing