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AEM JUNIT5 with io.wcm.testing.mock.aem.junit5.AemContextExtension by Sourcedcode.com/


Exactly what is io.wcm.testing.mock.aem.junit5.AemContextExtension?
-> io.wcm.testing.mock.aem.junit5.AemContextExtension enables you to mock a in-memory AEM JCR, exactly like the AEM instance.
When mocking the JCR instance, you can imagine that this is an empty JCR, with no nodes inside of it, so you will need to use Java to add resources in the mock JCR repository.
Services like the pageManger, tagManger, resourceResolver, etc… will be available in the mock JCR instance.
io.wcm.testing.mock.aem.junit5.AemContextExtension is an extension for JUnit 5 that allows for running AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) unit tests with mocked AEM objects.
It provides a way to set up an AemContext object in a JUnit 5 test class, which gives access to mocked AEM objects such as the ResourceResolver, SlingSettings, and more.
This makes it easier to test code that interacts with AEM without requiring a running AEM instance.
It allows developers to write unit tests that can test their AEM-based code in isolation, without relying on a running AEM instance or a test environment set up with a specific version of AEM.
This extension can be used for testing AEM components, AEM service, AEM workflows and more.
It reduces the time and cost of testing by eliminating the need for a running AEM instance, and allows for faster test execution and more efficient development.

What are the use cases for io.wcm.testing.mock.aem.junit5.AemContextExtension
->Unit testing AEM-based projects without the need for a running AEM instance
Isolating your tests from the dependencies on a specific AEM version or environment
Mocking specific AEM objects, such as the ResourceResolver or SlingSettings, for more fine-grained control over the test environment
Simplifying the setup and tear-down of AEM-related test objects
Improving the reliability and repeatability of your tests by reducing external dependencies.

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AEM JUNIT5 with io.wcm.testing.mock.aem.junit5.AemContextExtension


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