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AEM - Integrating with Salesforce by Adobe


Integrating Salesforce with AEM provides lead management capabilities and leverages the existing capabilities provided out of the box by Salesforce. You can configure AEM to post leads to Salesforce and create components that access data directly from Salesforce.

The bidirectional and extensible integration between AEM and Salesforce enables:

Organizations to fully use and update data to enhance the customer experience.
Engagement from marketing to sales activities.
Organizations to automatically transmit and receive data from a Salesforce datastore.
This document describes the following:

how to configure Salesforce Cloud Services (configure AEM to integrate with Salesforce).
how to use Salesforce Lead/Contact information in Client Context and for Personalization.
how to use the Salesforce workflow model to post AEM users as leads to salesforce.
how to create a component that shows data from Salesforce.
Configuring AEM to integrate with Salesforce
To configure AEM to integrate with Salesforce, you need to first configure a remote access application in Salesforce. Then you configure the salesforce cloud service to point to this remote access application.

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AEM - Integrating with Salesforce


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