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AEM Infrastructure and Personnel Strategy: A talk with Tom Johnson of Hirobe | AEM Community Blog Seeding




AEM Infrastructure and Personnel Strategy: A talk with Tom Johnson of Hirobe by TAD REEVES


Video: https://youtu.be/G0KjGJTWYTQ

I got a chance to do a fun talk with Tom Johnson, a Senior AEM Recruiter at Hirobe, on the significance of personnel in the major decision points on where you take your AEM projects from an infrastructure standpoint. Hirobe were nice enough to transcribe the talk, so if you don’t have the time to watch the full video above, here’s the text of it, with headings.

Today, we’re joined by Tad Reeves, an AEM Architect & Consultant focusing on the infrastructure and DevOps space. I invited Tad to have a quick chat following a video that I watched of him covering AEM as a cloud service. He made some really interesting points which led me to want to talk to him about what AEM as a cloud service means for people and their teams. So to kick off: should every AEM environment be in the cloud?

Should Every AEM environment be in the cloud?
Tad: Well, my answer to that is no, not everything should be in the cloud.

AEM — it’s not like Zoom, it’s not a service that basically serves a single purpose and is used in an analogous way. It’s a big set of tools and frameworks and there are things that can be done, that are employed in wildly different ways, by wildly different companies, doing wildly different things. And they all they all have different requirements, different audiences, different volumes of people who they are trying to hit it and with varying times and places in the world that they’re trying to hit this from. They have things that they’re trying to connect to and they have things that they’re not trying to connect to. There are so many different requirements that there would be no way to say everything should be done in this one way.

Now, obviously, it behooves implementers, like myself, and the vendor, it obviously behooves Adobe to try to limit the number of ways that you try to get something done, because that makes the product easier to develop. It makes it easier to integrate when you’re not having people do things a million different ways. But at the end of the day, there are a million different things that are going to get done.

There’s a huge difference between somebody who is utilizing their AEM platform as an internal intranet that only has a private audience with people authenticating via an internal SSO to be able to use it, and somebody who’s using it as a commerce platform, or a headless commerce platform, or perhaps a headless content platform. You might have tons and tons of video content or assets. There are tons of different use cases. And so there’s no one answer as to how everything should be hosted or executed.

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AEM Infrastructure and Personnel Strategy: A talk with Tom Johnson of Hirobe


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