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Hi all,

I've been using Adobe cms for several years now. Specifically CQ5 and AEM as a content author. However, I am keen to upskill and become an AEM front-end developer.

With the above in mind, I'm trying to understand the best path and requisite skills needed to realise this ambition.

Has anyone made a similar step or could any advice as to the best approach, as I'm slightly confused as to what would be the best starting point.

To add, I am self-taught in HTML & CSS, but to a relatively basic standard.

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Hello Andy,

to add on to the above comments, below is a frond-end designer and developer workflow suggested by Adobe in one of the sessions.


Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 22.41.31.png

Regarding the front end stack you want to do, the technology can vary based on how you want to proceed.

If you are going to have your frontend stack outside AEM, then you can build as per the current industry standard - NodeJS, ES, SASS, gulp, webpack etc. and use plugin to create aem package of these application.
If you want to write frontend code in AEM itself, you can focus on HTML5, LESS, JS

Now a days, SPAs have so much relevance, so if you want to start with it, react is the best supported SPA framework for AEM.

Hope this helps.

Nirmal Jose




Thank you so much to all the information guys! This has given me some great guidance and areas to focus on!

I'm sure i'll be back soon with more questions