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Hello everybody, i'm using AEM 6.4.

Now i know the captcha component from form is deprecated due security issues.

I also know there is some guide to make a reCaptcha from google.

What about a custom Captcha? Any suggest? I found nothing in this forum except cq5.

Do you have any idea?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




There are a lot of captcha solutions available on web and it doesn't matter if that same captcha solution is also available to other CMS solutions in some format.

All you need is to find out exact requirements related to captcha and then do research on what solution supports your requirements. E.g.

  • open source vs paid/licensed one
  • SaaS or on-premise as a library
  • Complexity
  • User interface
  • image based vs text based vs video based etc.
  • some other criteria

If I were you, I would probe further to understand what part of Google captcha is a concern - is it the brand or user interface or the complexity level etc. to narrow down on the requirements & technology piece of it.

Integrating with AEM should not be a challenge irrespective of the fact that you host it within AEM or you inject it via some Tag Management solution or some other service.

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Answers (5)